FIBA Asia Cup 2025 Qualifiers. 1st Window produced remotely from Thailand by Blitz Technology

In the heart of Bangkok, amidst the bustling streets and vibrant culture, a monumental clash unfolded: Thailand versus Indonesia in a thrilling basketball game. Window 1 of the FIBA Asia Cup 2025 Qualifiers took place at Nimibutr Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand and #BlitzTeam was there to bring under the spotlight the 1st Qualification Round. Despite the physical distance, Blitz Technology managed to orchestrate the production remotely, showcasing our innovative process. While part of the team journeyed to Bangkok, the rest remained miles away, orchestrating the spectacle from afar.


For Blitz Technology, this was an amazing opportunity to showcase our capabilities on an international stage, proving that distance is no barrier to excellence. Though far from home, the team remained united in their pursuit of delivering the best experience possible for fans worldwide.


In a remote production by Blitz Technology, the Thailand vs Indonesia basketball game took center stage. While part of the team journeyed to Bangkok, a city of unparalleled beauty, others worked from afar. Despite the distance, this opportunity was embraced as a chance to shine, proving that even from afar, the best team can deliver excellence.


The FIBA Asia Cup 2025 Qualifiers will be played across another two Windows, in November 2024 and February 2025.


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