2024 Women’s Super League, new football competition produced by Blitz Technology

Blitz Technology, in collaboration with the Romanian Football Federation (FRF), has undertaken a new project: the production of matches for the 2024 Women’s Super League. This initiative marks an extension of their partnership in video production and live streaming, which initially focused on national team matches and Futsal competitions.


Scheduled to run from March 2nd to May 26th, 2024, the 2024 Women’s Super League promises an exhilarating display of talent and skill from top female footballers in Romania. Blitz Technology ‘s involvement ensures that fans can experience the excitement of these matches in real-time wherever they are.


With a commitment to quality, Blitz Technology will provide video production and live streaming services for all 36 matches of the league. The production will feature multiple camera angles (up to 5 cameras for the top matches). Additionally, viewers can expect live graphics, dynamic replays, and insightful commentary, enhancing their viewing experience.


Fans can catch the action live on PRO Arena and frf.tv, ensuring widespread accessibility to these thrilling encounters. Whether cheering from the comfort of their homes or following on the go, supporters can stay connected to the Women’s Super League throughout its duration.


“The collaboration between Blitz Technology and FRF represents a shared commitment to promote and elevate women’s football,” says Claudiu Paraschiv, Blitz Technology CEO. “We are proud to contribute to the visibility and growth of the sport, providing fans with top-quality coverage of the 2024 Women’s Super League.”

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