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Blitz Live launches TV Remote Production Services

Following an investment in equipment of over 1M EUR, Blitz Live is now in the position to produce remotely multi camera events at broadcast quality. Versus traditional OB Vans production, working remotely brings advantages for the clients such as lower production costs, easier logistics on site, better quality control and easier implementation of last minute changes.

Claudiu Paraschiv, CEO, Blitz Live: “We are proud that we can deliver now broadcast standard remote productions for events from all around the globe. Using cutting edge technologies we are able to insure similar results as those provided by our competitors using OB Vans on site. We do believe that we are pioneering the high quality remote production and, while for big events the on site OB Vans will still be the primary choice for the years to come, we strongly believe that there are lot of Tier 2 events that could benefit of remote production advantages.”

Some of our recent remote TV productions may be seen here:

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