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2022 FIVB Beach Volleyball Pro Tour

At the beginning of 2022 Blitz Live was appointed by Volleyball World as the production partner for all Beach Volleyball Pro Tour Challenger events and for selected Elite events.

Challenger events are 4 Days events happening on 4 courts simultaneously and for each court we provide 4 cameras remote production. So far we delivered such events from Mexico, Brazil, Qatar, Turkey, Portugal and Morocco. All live productions were performed remotely in our Remote Production Center in Bucharest.

Elite events are 5 days events happening on 2 courts simultaneously and we produced them either fully on site (both courts covered with on site OB Vans) or in hybrid mode (one court produced on site and the other remotely). We did this so far in Mexico, Czech Republic and Latvia with more events to happen in the second part of the year.

All the Beach Pro Tour events may be watched live on platform.

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